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The Internet has made it easier than ever to venture into international trading. If you have an e-commerce website, you will find that selling to a global market can push your business to the next level. With a large portion of UK web searches now coming in from all over Europe, North America, and Asia, you can take advantage of these opportunities and try your hand at global e-commerce.

Where to Start

You will need to pick a new market to target. You don’t want to target the whole world until you’ve tested the waters. The best place to start is by looking at your traffic sources and discovering where the most traffic already comes from – even before you’ve optimised your website. Pick a country that is already giving you visitors – and, ideally, pick a country where English is spoken to start with.

Online Strategy Development

You will need to make some changes to your website and your marketing campaigns. The website will need additional content added, such as a payment gateway that will be able to accept different currencies and a decent shopping cart that will present the correct shipping information on the checkout page based on where your customers are located. In addition to the essential features, you should also work on creating new pages specifically for your global market. Your potential customers will need to be convinced that you are a trusted company, and the more information you can give them, the better. It’s a good idea to set up a FAQ page where you can add lots of details about your shipping rates, the courier options available, and your return processes. Explain how you protect data (preferably using SLL certificates), and be as open and honest about delivery times as possible.

One or More Websites?

Some companies decide to create separate websites dedicated to each country they are selling to. This is often much easier than trying to combine all the information into one website, but it’s not imperative.

If you do decide to have a second or third website, you will need to make the management of the website run as smoothly as possible. It’s important that you use a shopping cart system that allows you to manage everything from one user interface. Again, this isn’t essential, but it is worth investigating just to streamline the administration that is required when you run online stores. You can find further information on heatmap tool @ .

Start the Buzz Early

As soon as you contact your website designer to begin working on optimising your website for the global market, you need to start generating the buzz. Use your social networking sites to start leaking news early and target new fans and followers from the country you will soon be selling to. It’s a great way of helping the launch of your international goods get noticed, and it can also build up some leads for when the site is ready. If you need help designing and optimising your website, contact a company like Yoto Creative. With your ideas and goals, they’ll be able to ensure that you have the perfect site, something that will make your launch a huge success.

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